RS-6 Polarella glacialis


RS -6 Collected by M Dennett 12/97. Isolated using dilution method by D.Moran 12/5/99. Identified as Polarella glacialis (1710/1722bp) with 18ssrDNA by Y.Campbell 12/21/99 (1738 out of 1788bp have been sequenced). Identification supported with reference to Montresor M. et al. 1999. Polarella glacialis, Gen. Nov., Sp. Nov. (Dinophyceae) Sueussiaceae are Still Alive! J. Phycol. 35:186-197.

Cell size: 8um x 10um. Cyst size: 10um x 12um.
Media:VSW F/2+Si. Order: Dinophyceae.

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