RS-24#4 Collected by Mark Dennett 12/97. Single cell isolated by D. Moran 4/29/00. This novel photrophic presently maintained in a mixed culture (multiprotistan). 18ssrDNA sequence is deposited in GenBank under accession # AY434686 (Gast, R.J., Moran, D.M., Beaudoin, D.J., Blythe, J.N., Dennett, M.R. and Caron, D.A. 2006. Abundance of a novel dinoflagellate phylotype in the Ross Sea, Antarctica J. Phycol. 42 (1), 233-242). LSU sequence is 92% similar to Takayama helix 4/22/07. ITS sequence is 97% similar to Karlodinium micrum 4/22/07. 16ssr plastid DNA is deposited in GenBank under accession # DQ442651 (Gast,R.J., Moran,D.M., Dennett,M.R. and Caron,D.A. 2007. Kleptoplasty in an Antarctic dinoflagellate: caught in evolutionary transition? Environ. Microbiol. 9 (1), 39-45).

Cell Size: 10um x 20um. Media: VSW F/2 + Si.
Order: Dinophyceae.

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