Platyamoeba oblongata, S-205
S-205 Platyamoeba oblongata Collected by LExEn group. Isolated by D. Moran using serial dilution. 18ssrDNA sequence is deposited in GenBank under accession number DQ229955. Morphologically and molecularly identified as Platyamoeba oblongata (Moran, D.M., Anderson, O.R., Dennett, M.R., Caron, D.A., Gast, R.J. 2007. A Description of Seven Antarctic Marine Gymnamoebae Including a New Subspecies, Two New Species and a New Genus: Neoparamoeba aestuarina antarctica n. subsp., Platyamoeba oblongata n. sp., Platyamoeba contorta n. sp. and Vermistella antarctica n. gen. n. sp.J. Eukaryotic Microbiology 54: 169-183.).

Order: Amoebazoa. Cell size: 20um.
Media: Sargasso Cero + extra rice.

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