Research Links

Useful Genetic Links
View Web siteNational Center for Biotechnical Information - GenBank
View Web siteSequin--A DNA Sequence Submission and Update Tool
View Web siteMacClade Software
View Web siteLikelihood Analysis with Metropolis Algorithm using Random Coalescence
View Web sitePolyBayes
View Web siteJCVI: J. Craig Venter Institute
View Web siteGenetic Identification Services
View Web siteGenetic Methods
View Web sitePrimer3 Software
View Web siteFishers Exact Test
View Web siteDNA Barcoding

Education and Database Activities
View Web siteDive And Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor
View Web siteNOAA Ocean Explorer
View Web siteRIDGE2000 Education Program
View Web siteRIDGE Data Exchange System
View Web siteSeamounts Online
View Web site ChEss Biogeography of Chemosynthetic Ecosystems in the Census of Marine Life program (CoML)
View Web site CenSeam: a Global Census of Marine Life on Seamounts
View Web site Census of Marine Life
View Web site WoRMS: World Register of Marine Species
View Web siteOcean Biogeographic Information System
View Web siteSeamount Barcoding Association

Callaborating Institutions
View Web siteUnited States Geological Survey
View Web siteMarine Biological Laboratory
View Web siteScripps Institution of Oceanography
View Web siteHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
View Web siteMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution
View Web siteSouthampton Oceanography Centre
View Web siteCalifornia Institute of Technology
View Web siteMassachusetts Institute of Technology
View Web siteThe Institute for Genomic Research
View Web siteUniversity of Delaware: Marine Studies
View Web siteRutgers University: Institute of Marine & Coastal Studies
View Web siteAnalytical Instrument Systems, Inc. (AIS)
View Web siteNeptune Project: a regional ocean observatory in the northeast Pacific Ocean
View Web siteNIWA National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Researchn
View Web siteSmithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History

Funding Provided By
View Web siteNational Science Foundation (Biological Oceanography, Geology and Geophysics, and Polar Programs)
View Web siteNOAA Ocean Exploration
View Web siteNASA, Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets
View Web siteOcean Life Institute (WHOI)
View Web siteDeep Ocean Exploration Institute (WHOI)
View Web siteOcean and Climate Change Institute (WHOI)