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Kate BuckmanDr. Kate Buckman
Research Associate B

Contact Information

Mailing Address
103 Gilman Hall
Room 406
Department of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755


Ph.D. Biological Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, 2009

B.A. cum laude, Biological Sciences, Smith College, 2001

Research interests

hydrothermal vent ecology, biotic/abiotic interactions, gene function, fish adaptations and behavior


Kelley D.S., J.A. Karson, G.L. Fruh-Green, D.R. Yoerger, T.M. Shank, D.A. Butterfield, J.M. Hayes, M.O. Schrenk, E.J. Olson, G. Proskurowski, M. Jakuba, A. Bradley, B. Larson, K. Ludwig, D. Glickson, K. Buckman, A.S. Bradley, W.J. Brazelton, K. Roe, M.J. Elend, A. Delacour, S.M. Bernasconi, M.D. Lilley, J.A. Baross, R.T. Summons, S.P. Sylva (2005) A serpentinite-hosted ecosystem: The lost city hydrothermal field. Science 307: 1428-1434.

Fornari, D.J. and the WHOI TowCam group (2003) A new deep-sea towed digital camera and multi-rock coring system. Eos 84(8) 69, 73.

Peckol, P.M., H.A. Curran, E.Y. Floyd, M.L. Robbart, B.J. Greenstein, K.L. Buckman (2003) Assessment of selected reef sites in northern and south-Central Belize, including recovery from bleaching and hurricane disturbances (stony corals, algae and fish).  Atoll Research Bulletin, pp. 146-171.

Waller, R.G., K.L. Buckman, T.M. Shank, S.L. Pomponi (2002) A new species of Demospongiae from the Calyfield vent site on the Gal√°pagos Rift. Eos Trans. AGU, 83(47), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T11C-1258.