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!!! New postdoc position open !!!

We are seeking an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher to be part of a project titled:

"Linking foraging behaviors to demography to understand albatrosses population responses to climate change".


The study will examine Black-Browed albatross population responses to climate change in the Southern Ocean by linking foraging behaviors to demography.


The primary role of the postdoc will be to lead data analysis and manuscript preparation using multiple long-term datasets on foraging behaviors, body conditions and demography.  The work will address two major objectives:

  1. 1.Determining the effects of foraging behaviors on body conditions and vital rates using statistical analysis, specifically capture-recapture models.

  2. 2.Determining the effects of the mean and variability of climate on population growth through their effects on foraging behaviors, body conditions, and vital rates using matrix population models.

The postdoc will be based in Dr. Jenouvrier’s lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA MA), and will work with Hal Caswell at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), as well as Henri Weimerskirch and Christophe Barbaud at Centre d’Etudes Biologique de Chizé (CNRS/ University of La Rochelle).


Position expected to last 18 months with a possible extension.

EDUCATION DESIRED: A PhD in ecology, mathematics, or related field by Fall 2014 required.


Excellent quantitative skills and evidence of these in previous work and publications, in combination with a strong ecological background.  In particular, experience in capture-recapture statistical modeling and/or matrix population modeling is required.  Experience and interest in marine ecology and seabirds, and the use of multiple data sets including satellite climatic variables, would be beneficial however not required.  Applicants must have a demonstrated record of publication in peer-reviewed journals, and ability to interface well with collaborators.

To apply: Please send a single PDF containing (1) a cover letter describing your fit for this position (particularly describing your quantitative skills and past accomplishments), (2) a CV including a list of 3 references, and (3) two representative publications to Dr. Jenouvrier, sjenouvrier@whoi.edu. Please use the subject: BBA postdoc + your last name in your email. Please expect a contact only if selected for an interview.

Posted: August 15th, position open until filled.