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Vacation 2006

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Backroads Days 1-3

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Paris, and London

Page 1: Backroads Days 1-3
Sauze D'Oulx, Col D'Izouard, and Alpe D'Huez

In Sauze D'Oulx, Italy, we stayed alongside the ski slopes at the Refugio Ciao Pais.
We were served an incredible dinner and breakfast!
A1_CiaoPais_cows_July2006-4.JPG A1_CiaoPais_Steve_July2006-1.JPG A1_CiaoPais_Steve_July2006-2.JPG A1_CiaoPais_Steve_July2006-3.JPG A1_CiaoPais_Steve_July2006-5.JPG
Col d'Izouard
Col D'Izoard was an hors categorie climb in this year's Tour de France.  We rode the route the day before the Tour riders.  People had already parked their RV's in prime viewing spots.
A2_ColdIzouard_July2006-1.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_July2006-2.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_July2006-4.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_July2006-6.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_July2006-7.JPG
A2_ColdIzouard_July2006-8.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_Stace_July2006.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_Stace_Steve_July2006.JPG A2_ColdIzouard_Steve_July2006.JPG A2_HotelPleinSud_July2006.JPG
Stace and Devil
One of the magical experiences of our trip was riding the Alpe D'Huez a few hours before the Tour riders.  At the top, we had an awesome vantage point at the round-a-bout 500m from the finish line.
A3_AlpedHuez_arrivee4km_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_caravane_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_Debbie_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_FloydLandis_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_FranzSchleck_July2006.JPG
A3_AlpedHuez_sommet5km_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_Stace_base_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_Stace_Devil_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_Stace_summit_July2006.JPG A3_AlpedHuez_Steve-2.jpg

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