Vive le Tour
Stace and Steve's
Tour de France
Vacation 2006

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Backroads Days 1-3

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Backroads Days 4-6

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Paris, and London

Page 2: Backroads Days 4-6
Col Du Galibier, Col des Aravis, Megeve, and Annecy

Col de Lauteret
Steve and I got a Backroads "boost" to the Col de Lauteret and then rode up to Col Du Galibier, the high point in this year's Tour.
The Backroads crew had positioned an RV just 2 switchbacks from the summit.  We watched Rasmussen as he worked for the King of the Mountain polka-dot jersey.
B1_ColdeLauteret_July2006-3.JPG B1_ColdeLauteret_July2006-5.JPG B1_ColdeLauteret_July2006-7.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_caravane_July2006-1.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_caravane_July2006-2.JPG
B1_ColduGalibier_caravane_July2006-3.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_caravane_July2006-5.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_caravane_July2006-7.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_George_July2006.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_July2006-1.JPG
B1_ColduGalibier_July2006-2.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_July2006-6_Rasmussen.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_July2006-7_DiscoveryTeam.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_July2006-8_peloton.JPG B1_ColduGalibier_Stace.JPG
Col des Aravis
At the Col des Aravis, we were treated to some local enthusiasm and history.  Our neighboring spectators had been coming up to this Col for decades to watch the Tour.
B2_ColdesAravis_July2006-1.JPG B2_ColdesAravis_July2006-5_crowd.JPG B2_ColdesAravis_July2006-6_French_family.JPG B2_ColdesAravis_July2006-8_chase_pack.JPG B2_ColdesAravis_Stace-1.JPG
Megeve chalet
Megeve is an incredibly charming village, located between Annecy and Chamonix.
We hiked up the ski area to get a view of Mont Blanc.
B3_Megeve_July2006-10.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-12.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-13.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-14.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-15.JPG
B3_Megeve_July2006-19.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-20_cow_scratching.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-21.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-24.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-4.JPG
B3_Megeve_July2006-5.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-6.JPG B3_Megeve_July2006-7.JPG B3_Megeve-2.JPG B3_Megeve-4.JPG
Annecy is a beautiful resort town, and we were treated to amazing French food.
B4_Annecy_July2006-1_bread.JPG B4_Annecy_July2006-2_Stace.JPG B4_Annecy_July2006-3_prison.JPG B4_Annecy_July2006-5_lake.JPG B4_Annecy_July2006-7_dinner.JPG

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