Molluscs at the Hawaii-2 Observatory

Observed in video surveys (ROV Jason in 1998 and 1999 and ROV JasonII in 2003 and 2004) and/or camera sled/otter trawl transects (in 2003)


Except for those species verified by collection (indicated by *), these classifications are best guesses and subject to change.  Classification was checked first with Tree of Life and then with European Register of Marine Species in June 2006.
Click on the filename prefix for additional photos of that specific type of organism.
*** NOTE FOR BENTHIC VS. PELAGIC: Organisms were classified as benthic if they were observed at least some times on the seafloor. ***


Class, Order
Genus, species
(* verified by collection)
Common Name
Filename Prefix
Type Photo
Benthic or Pelagic?
Gastropoda, Prosobranchia Turridae
Majox new species (McLean, in press) *
snail Benthic
Cephalopoda, Octopoda, Cirrata
Similar to Grimpoteuthis
Dumbo octopus

Total number of morphotypes of molluscs identified: 2.
Benthic molluscs: 1 type; planktonic/pelagic molluscs: 1 type.

*** We would like to thank J. McLean for identifying the new gastropod species. ***

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