Geophysical Research at H2O

The Hawaii-2 cable (laid in 1964 by AT&T, retired from telephone service in 1989, and acquired by IRIS in 1996) acts as the extension cord for power and data transmission from the Makaha shore station to H2O.
The junction box (jbox) is the power strip at H2O, with several outlets for scientific instruments.
ROV JasonII was used to connect instruments to the jbox.
Seismic instruments were installed at H2O for earthquake research (click for seismic data from IRIS).
Learn more about the H2O engineering and installation: Article in WHOI's Oceanus Magazine, Alan Chave's H2O website.
Learn more about seismic research at H2O: IRIS Newsletter announcement , Fred Duennebier's H2O website , proposed downhole seismometer .

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