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Graduate Students
Students can apply through any of the WHOI-MIT Joint Graduate Programs in Oceanography.  In our group we are interested in students pursuing degrees in Biological Oceanography  and Chemical Oceanography, and would welcome students enrolled in other programs as well.  Many opportunities exist for interacting both formally and informally with faculty and students from other departments at WHOI, MIT, and other intsitutions.

Several opportunities exist forundergraduate research at WHOI exist.  These include Minority Fellowships, Summer Student Fellowships, and Guest Student research.  Contact meto inquire about projects that we have currently suitable for undergraduate research projects.

Postdoctoral Studies
There are a number of avenues forPostdoctoral research at WHOI.  These include the Postdoctoral Scholarship program, and Postdoctoral Fellow & Investigator positions.  The Scholarship program is supported through WHOI, while the Fellow and Investigator positions are supported by the Fellow/Investigator, sponsoring WHOI PI, or some combination.  Contact Eric Webb or John Waterbury to inquire about opportunities and projects.

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