Primary producers (organisms that fix CO2 for cellular carbon) play key roles in both oceanic food chain dynamics and in marine biogeochemistry.  The factors that control their growth directly impact global processes.  Cyanobacteria, including species of Synechococcus, Trichodesmium, and Crocosphaera, are prominent constituents of the marine biosphere that account for a significant percentage of global primary productivity.  Additionally, in warm waters diazotrophic cyanobacteria (i.e., Trichodesmium and Crocosphaera) are vital components of the global nitrogen cycle through the production of “new” nitrogen.  By studying the physiology of these important microorganisms at the cellular and molecular levels, we will gain new insights into the factors that affect their growth in situ and greatly increase our understanding of how marine nutrient cycles impact global processes.
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John B. Waterbury and Eric A. Webb

Trichodesmium,Crocosphaera, Synechococcus, and others

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