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Straw Man Y2K ECOHAB Mooring Locations

The idea here is to focus on the "upstream source" of cells to Casco Bay.    By stringing most of the moorings along the 100 m isobath, we should be able to see if there is a departure and subsequent reattachment of the Eastern Maine Coastal Current, and with moorings 1-4 we should be able to better characterize the temporal and spatial variability in the upstream flow (relative to Casco Bay).    Moorings 1-3 & 7 will be USGS/WHOI moorings and 4-6 will be UMAINE moorings.

ECOHAB Y2K Mooring Locations and Depths

---traditional moorings-------------------
     lon        lat   depth (msl)
  -69.8651   43.6113   -85.3       USGS1 & MUSL1  (Casco DLINE [1998 M1 mooring location])
  -69.3488   43.7021   -94.3       USGS2 & MUSL5  (Casco ELINE inshore)
  -69.3008   43.5323  -141.0       USGS3 & MUSL4  (Casco ELINE offshore)
  -68.5233   43.7557  -151.8       ECH41          (Penobscot Bay offshore)
  -68.6333   43.8955   -91.7       ECH51          (Penobscot Bay inshore)
  -68.1085   44.1060   -97.9       ECH61          (Maine Coastal Current)
  -67.6116   43.5129  -229.7       USGS7    (jordan basin)

---additional mussel bag moorings----------------
     lon        lat   depth (msl)
  -69.8955   43.7607  -16.6          MUSL2  (Mouth of New Meadows)
  -69.2627   43.3729 -147.0          MUSL3  (southernmost ELINE)
  -69.3977   43.8156  -48.6          MUSL6  (northernmost ELINE)

- Depths are relative to Mean Sea Level (MSL)
- The maximum expected range in water elevation is 4.5 m
- Typical expected current speeds at the moorings are 10-30 cm/s
  with maximum expected speeds of 100 cm/s.

The USGS/WHOI Moorings 1-3 will have:
Depth below surface   Instrument
1 m SeaCat (temp; salinity)
3 m   S4       (currents)
5 m   VMCM (currents; temperature)
45 m   Sediment trap (21 bottle time series trap at mooring 2or 3; tube traps at others)
50 m   VACM-TCT (currents; temperature; salinity and transmission
92 m   Upward looking 300 Khz ADCP
96 m   VACM-TCT (currents; temperature; salinity and transmission
98 m   Release
100 m   Anchor

The Jordan Basin mooring (USGS/WHOI Mooring 7) will be a pressure mooring, with pressure at the bottom and 4 seacats in a string above.

The UMAINE moorings 4-6 have T/S at 1 m and 50 m and a downward looking 300 Khz ADCP.

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-Rich Signell (rsignell@usgs.gov)