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Don Peters | Glenn McDonald | Megan Carroll

Publications by Donald Peters and others (1993 - 2000)

Frye, D., J. Kemp, W. Paul and D. Peters, "Mooring developments for autonomius oceanographic sampling networks," Submitted to IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering—Special Issue on Autonomous Oceanographic Network, October 2000.
Daniel E. Frye, Donald B. Peters, Nelson G. Hogg and Carl Wunsch, "Ultramoor: A 5-year Current Meter Mooring," Oceans 2000 conference paper, September, 2000.
Don Peters and Glen McDonald, Mechanical Systems for the Portable Coastal Observatory. ONR/MTS Buoy Workshop, May, 2000.

Dan Frye and Donald Peters, "Ultramoor Mechanical Systems," ONR/MTS Buoy Workshop, May, 2000.

Hans C. Graber, Eugene E. Terray, Mark A. Donelan, William M. Drennan, John VanLeer, Donald B. Peters, "ASIS—A New Air-Sea Interaction Spar Buoy: Design and Peerformance at Sea," Journal of Atmosphereic and Oceanic Technology, June, 1999.
Janice D. Boyd, Daniel E. Frye, Don Peters, Richard Arthur, Richard Burnes, Bruce Bricker, "A Self-Deploying, Depth-Adaptive Coastal Oceanographic Mooring," Office of Naval Research Technical Report No. NRL/FR/7332—98-9681, April, 1998.
Martin Bowen, Donald Peters, "A Deep Sea Docking Station for Odyssey-Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicles," WHOI Technical Report #98-11.
Albert J. Williams 3rd, Donald B. Peters, Allan G. Gordon, John H. Trowbridge, "SuperBASS Tripod for Benthic Turbulence Measurement," Oceans '97.
Daniel E. Frye, Donald Peters and Richard Arthur, "Expendable Oceanographic Mooring (XMOOR)," WHOI Technical Report, April, 1997.
D.B. Peters, R. Arthur, D.E. Frye, J. Boyd, "An Expendable, Self-Deploying Coatal Mooring; Mechanical Designs and Function," American Geophysical Union, February, 1996.
Jerome H. Milgram, Donald B. Peters, D. Noah Eckhouse, "Modeling IACC Sail Forces by Combining Measurements with CFD," The Eleventh Chesapeak Sailing Yacht Symposium, January, 1993.
Publications by Glenn McDonald and others (2000 - 2002)
Glenn McDonald and Matt Naiman, "Heat-transfer Advances for Submerged Oceanographic Systems," Oceans 2002 Conference Paper, October 2002.
Don Peters and Glenn McDonald, "Mechanical Systems for the Portable Coastal Observatory," ONR/MTS Buoy Workshop, May, 2000.
Publications by Megan Carroll and others
James Irish, Megan Carroll, Robin Singer, Art Newhall, Walter Paul, Craig Johnson, Nick Witzell, Glen Rice, Dave Fredericksson, "Instrumentation for Open Ocean Aquaculture Monitoring, W.H.O.I. Technical Report, October 2001.