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A unique multiple-spar buoy for measurement of directional wave spectra and meteorological parameters. The buoy consists of a 15m branched aluminum structure. 5 individual 8.5" tubes pierce the water surface to provide a spar-like open structure for the measurement of small waves usign capacitance wires. The buoy is highly-damped in heave, pitch, and roll, and behaves as a wave follower for long waves. The sum of buoy motion and wave wire measurements provide for directional measurement of waves over the full spectrum.

The design required careful attention to weight and balance in order to achieve the desired hydrostatic characteristics, but also emphasized simple detailing for ease of manufacture and modularity. The buoy is designed to be disassembled for shipping with relative ease.

Main structure length 30 ft
Met mast length 15 ft
Weight 2850 lb

ASIS Buoy in water during dock trials
Lifting ASIS Buoy out of the water
ASIS Buoy deployed on site