Eddy-Resolving Simulations of SF6 Mixing in the Tropical Atlantic at 13oN 54oW

Larry Anderson, Jim Ledwell and Dennis McGillicuddy, WHOI

In January 2001, J. Ledwell and colleagues released 175 kg of the inert tracer SF6 in the 10oC step of the thermohaline staircase east of Barbados near 13oN 54oW to study mixing in the staircase region.  The mean depth of this step was approximately 380 meters.  D. McGillicuddy and L. Anderson performed the same experiment in their 0.1o-resolution primitive equation model of the North Atlantic for 1993 for comparison.

Movie of SF6 spreading in the 10-month simulation: .mpeg format (3.0 MB)/ .avi format (9.3 MB)/ .fli format (5.0 MB)
The rectangle is the initial injection site; the circle is the center of mass of the SF6 distribution.

Movie of temperature and currents at 381 meters in a preliminary simulation: .fli format (6.9 MB)

Find .fli format movie players here.

Last updated 4 Aug 2003.