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Laurence A. Anderson
Bigelow Building, Room 411 -- Mailstop #9
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543
phone: 1-508-289-3742
fax: 1-508-457-2132
email: landerson@whoi.edu


Ph.D., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, 1993.
M.A., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, 1990.
B.S., Physics, University of Notre Dame, 1988.

Research Interests: 

Nutrient Cycling; Redfield Ratios of Nutrient Coupling; Impact of Physical Processes on Biogeochemical Cycles; Physical-Biogeochemical Numerical Modeling; Data Assimilation in Numerical Models.

Research Projects:

Impact of Mesoscale Eddies on Nutrient Fluxes and Biological New Production

Eddy-Resolving North Atlantic Model Simulations

Data Assimilation in Coupled Physical-Biological Ocean Models

Nitrate Database for the Western Gulf of Maine

Redfield Ratios of Nutrient Cycle Coupling

Potential and Kinetic Energy Budgets of the World Ocean

Last updated: 3 July 2008