Clayton kunz


I am a research engineer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, studying marine robotics. I finished my PhD in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in November 2011, and now I continue to work on underwater imaging and mapping, as well as the application of computer vision algorithms to large data sets of underwater imagery. This puts me at the intersection of several disciplines, including Computer Science, Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, and Mechanical Engineering. I’m in the department of Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering.

Here is my thesis (44 MB). If you want to see a higher-resolution photograph on page 71, then download this version instead, which is otherwise identical (267 MB).

Before I returned to graduate school, I worked for several years at NASA Ames Research Center, in the intelligent robotics group.  I also spent time at a start-up company called Mobot, building robotic tour guides for museums, and at SGI, working on data mining and machine learning software.

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