MVCO OcnDat_s File Description

Field 1YearYear of record
Field 2Yday1.5 is noon on January 1
Fields 3-7MO DA HH MM SS start of 15 or 20 minute burst GMT
Field 8wave_height[m]4*sqrt(sum(Snn(f)*dF)),where f < 0.5 Hz and Snn is the spectal intensity from the highest bin below 0.85*depth (from pressure),then taken to the surface using linear wave theory
Field 9wave_period[seconds] 1/fbar, where fbar = sum(Snn*f)/sum(Snn)
Field 10wave_dir_[degrees]compass wave direction from which waves in peak are coming (PUV), as observed at 4.7 meters above bottom
Field 11temp_adcp_mean[degC]temperature at 2.11 meters above bottom
Field 12vel1_adcp_mean[cm/s]near-bottom mean velocity (3.7 meters above bottom)
Field 13vel1_adcp_dir[cm/s]near-bottom velocity direction
Field 14vel2_adcp_mean[cm/s] near-surface mean velocity (10.7 meters above bottom)
Field 15vel2_adcp_dir[cm/s]near-surface velocity direction
Field 16tide_paros[m]corrected for atm press using the Vaisala pressure
a nominal height was subtracted, as follows
paros pressure - 11.7 meters (to 6/02)
paros pressure - 11.8 (7/02 to present)
Field 17water_temp[degC]mean water temperature (CTD) at 12.7 meters depth
Field 18salinity[ppt]salinity (CTD) at 12.7 meters depth
Field 19wave_height_swell[m]swell height (swell is observed from 0.05 to 0.15 Hz)
Field 20wave_height_windwave[m]wind wave height (wind wave is observed from 0.15 to 0.25 Hz)
Field 21wave_period_swell[secs]1/fbar in swell region
Field 22wave_period_wind[secs]1/fbar in wind wave region
Field 23wave_directn_swell[degs]PUV wave direction in swell region
Field 24wave_directn_windwave[degs]PUV wave direction in wind wave region