Diffusivity in a Transect

Chris Rehmann  and Tim Duda
AOPE Dept., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA USA

2 August 2001

The  system was tow-yo'd  along a cross-shelf transect in August 1997.   Figures here show
(1) The location of the transect

(2) the temperature and salinity structure

(3) the stratification type

Below, Figure 2:  The temperature and salinity.

Below, Figure 3: The Turner Angle.  There are three stratification types:  Warm salty water over cool fresh water (salt finger type stratification),  cool fresh water over warm salty water (water prone to the diffusive layering double-diffusive instability) and 'diffusively stable' water not subject to double-diffusive instabilities (T and S profiles both gravitationally stable).  The white dots show the tow track.



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