DIMES Shearmeters

Tim Duda
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole MA 02543

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Eight new shearmeters have been built for the DIMES program in the Southern Ocean (http:/dimes.ucsd.edu)

These will operate at approx. 1550 m depth. Thus they are built of 6061 alloy which is cheaper than the 7075 alloy of the abyssal Shearmeters.

They are acoustically tracked, as before. They have several new features: active buoyancy control so they can remain at the density of the injected chemical tracer; a precision CTD at one end; a precision thermometer at the other end to provide data to be used for computing gradient Richardson number (Ri) (with the aid of TS relation obtained because water will heave past the float); rapid sampling (10/hour) to resolve internal wave strain and Ri; and Iridium capability to upload the large data set.

Mechanical float systems were built by Webb Research Corp. Electronics systems were built by the WHOI AOPE Department.

Technical slides: Download

IEEE Oceans'09 summary paper: Download


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