Timothy F. Duda -- 29 Dec. 2011

Bigelow 202, AOPE Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543


Lin, Duda and Lynch, 2009: Two errors can be found in the print edition of this paper, now corrected in the online edition. This is explained here: WHOAS copy of JASA vol. 128 p. 947 Erratum

Duda, Lynch, Irish, Beardsley, Ramp, Chiu, Tang and Yang, 2004: Wave speeds obtained via least squares fit (in Fig. 8, Fig. 9, and section IV-C) are all too large by a factor of two due to a coding error.

Rehmann, C. R., and T. F Duda, 2000: On page 1364, "N raised to the power -a" in column one should read "N raised to the power a".

Duda, T. F., 1993: "pi" in the line after equation (2) should be "tau".

Duda, T. F., 1991. The entry 6.6 in Table I should be 1/6.6 (0.15).

Duda, T. F. and C. S. Cox, 1989: The number 0.01 near the end of the abstract should be 0.1.