CMO Dye Studies - People

Ledwell & Donoghue inspecting dye barrels
(Ledwell & Donoghue with dye barrels)

Postdoctoral Fellow
Chris Rehmann (data analysis)

Graduate Student
Miles Sundermeyer (data analysis and drogues)

Sutherland, Ledwell, Connoly, Marquette, Donoghue with injection sled
(Sutherland, Ledwell, Connoly, Marquette
& Donoghue with injection sled)

Chief Scientists
Jim Ledwell
Tim Duda

Harvey Seim (ADCP)

Seim & Sellers in main lab
(Seim & Sellers in main lab)

Research Associates and Assistants
Terry Donoghue (injection and sampling system)
Cindy Sellers (data analysis)
Brian Connoly (data aquisition)
Dave Ciochetto (data aquisition and drogues)

Craig Marquette (drogues)
Stew Sutherland (data aquisition)
Sundermeyer & Duda in main lab
(Sundermeyer & Duda in main lab)

Duda, Madin, Rehmann on deck
(Duda, Madin, & Rehmann on deck)