Installing the H2O Junction Box

The junction box being deployed on the trawl wire.  The trawl wire is connected to a 25m soft tether through acoustic releases. 
The H2O junction box is designed to be removed for servicing and reinstalled by a research vessel and ROV.  These pictures depict some of the key steps in this process.


The junction box is recovered by dropping a 30m liftline from Medea and attaching it to the lifting bale on top of it.  Jason has just made the hookup in this frame.


The junction box deployed on the bottom, as viewed from Jason.


Jason preparing to remove the deployment soft tether.

The termination frame which is connected to the SD cable and to which the j-box is attached by a 30m oil-filled umbilical.  The j-box connector has been temporarily stored on it during servicing.

Jason plugging in the termination cable connector to the j-box.

The termination cable attached to the junction box.

Overhead view of the j-box.

The stainless steel sea ground which is connected to the j-box.  Note corrosion due to electrochemical action after a one year deployment.

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