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My current research interests involve both organic geochemistry and microbial ecology. Microorganisms both consume and produce dissolved organic matter. On the other hand, the presence of specific organic compounds may deter or attract microorganisms. A significant component of my research seeks to link the activity of microorganisms and the in situ composition of organic matter. 
My research interests can be summarized into four areas. Details about specific projects are available by following the links to the left.

  1. Carbon cycling in polar regions
  2. Microbiology and organic geochemistry of the deep-sea
  3. Metabolic activity of microbes
  4. Organic matter in groundwater
In addition to my own research interests, I am also a member of the Kujawinski laboratory where I work on projects related to metabolomics and the development of new algorithms to analyze data from ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometers.


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