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Some of my photos have appeared as WHOI's Image of the Day:

(link) R/V Knorr is now retired, but in 2013 I joined her for a cruise from Uruguay to Barbados. 

(link) One morning a lovely rainbow appeared next to Knorr's stack during the DeepDOM cruise.

(link) Electrodialysis is one way to remove salt from seawater samples, and I built a system to test this method during a cruise to the South Atlantic.

What's new?

Longnecker (2015, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta) considers the composition of organic matter in sea ice and seawater. There is a brief description here and the journal article is available on-line.

Other recent publications:

Longnecker, K., J. Futrelle, E. Coburn, M. C. Kido Soule and E. B. Kujawinski (2015). Environmental metabolomics: databases and tools for data analysis. Marine Chemistry 177, Part 2:366-373. (link to publication)

Kido Soule, M. C., K. Longnecker, W. M. Johnson and E. B. Kujawinski (2015). Environmental metabolomics: analytical strategies. Marine Chemistry 177, Part 2: 374-387. (link to publication)

Pedler Sherwood, B., E. A. Shaffer, K. Reyes, K. Longnecker, L. I. Aluwihare and F. Azam (2015). Metabolic characterization of a model bacterial strain capable of significant chemical alteration of marine dissolved organic matter. Marine Chemistry 177, Part 2: 357-365.(link to publication)

Fiore, C. L., K. Longnecker, M. C. Kido Soule and E. B. Kujawinski (2015). Release of ecologically relevant metabolites by the cyanobacterium, Synechococcus elongatus CCMP 1631. Environmental Microbiology. 17:3949-3963. (link to publication)

Longnecker, K., M. C. Kido Soule and E. B. Kujawinski (2015). Dissolved organic matter produced by Thalassiosira pseudonana. Marine Chemistry 168: 114-123. (link to publication)


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