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What's new?

August 2016: Our paper on the use of network analysis to discern patterns in ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry data has just been accepted. The figure below is one example of a network calculated during the network analysis using the full set of chemical transformations. Each dot within the figure is an m/z value found within a sample. The lines connecting the m/z values, defined as edges, are chemical transformations. See the full manuscript here.

Post-publication note:

There have been some changes to Cytoscape. In order to use MetaNetter to conduct the analysis we described, you will need to download Cytoscape 2.8 and have Java 8 installed on your computer. Java 6 and 7 will not work with Cytoscape 2.8.


March 2016: I was at the dock to say good bye to the Knorr and my comments on the ship are a part of an audio postcard produced by WHOI. You can listen to it here.

Some of my photos have appeared as WHOI's Image of the Day:

(link) R/V Knorr is now retired, but in 2013 I joined her for a cruise from Uruguay to Barbados. 

(link) One morning a lovely rainbow appeared next to Knorr's stack during the DeepDOM cruise.

(link) Electrodialysis is one way to remove salt from seawater samples, and I built a system to test this method during a cruise to the South Atlantic.

Recent publications:

Longnecker, K. and E. B. Kujawinski (2016). Using network analysis to discern compositional patterns in ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry data of dissolved organic matter. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 30: 2388-2394. DOI: 10.1002/rcm.7719 (link to publication)

Maiti, K., S. Bosu, E. D’Sa, P.L. Adhikari, M. Sutor, and K. Longnecker (2016). Export fluxes in Northern Gulf of Mexico – comparative evaluation of direct, indirect and satellite-based estimates. Marine Chemistry 184:60-77 (link to publication)

Kujawinski, E. B., K. Longnecker, K. L. Barott, R. J. M. Weber and M. C. Kido Soule (2016). Microbial community structure affects marine dissolved organic matter composition. Frontiers in Marine Science. 3, DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2016.00045 (link to publication)

Moran, M. A., E. B. Kujawinski, A. Stubbins, R. Fatland, L. I. Aluwihare, A. Buchan, B. C. Crump, P. C. Dorrestein, S. T. Dyhrman, N. Hess, B. Howe, K. Longnecker, P. M. Medeiros, J. Niggemann, I. Obernosterer, D. J. Repeta and J. Waldbauer (2016). Deciphering ocean carbon in a changing world. Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences, USA 113: 3143-3151 (link to publication)


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