Publications 2006 - 2010

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» Gregg, M., and L. J. Pratt, 2010.
Flow and Hydraulics near the Sill of Hood Canal, a Strongly Sheared, Continuously Stratified Fjord. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 40(5), 1087-1105.

» Rypina, I., and L. J. Pratt, 2010.
Chaotic Advection in an Archipelago. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 40, 1988-2006.

» Pickart and 8 other co-authors, 2010.
Evolution and Dynamics of the Flow through Herald Canyon in the Western Chukchi Sea. Deep-Sea Research II, 57, 5-26.

» Sannino, G., L. Pratt, and A. Carillo, 2009.
Hydraulic Criticality of the Exchange Flow Through the Strait of Gibraltar. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 39(11), 2779-2799.

» Pratt, L. J., K. R. Helfrich, and D. Leen, 2008.
On The Stability of Deep Overflows. J. Fluid Mech. 602, 241-266.

» Pratt, L. J., and M. Spall, 2008.
Circulation and Exchange in Choked Marginal Seas. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 38(12), 2639-2661.

» Pratt, L. J., U. Riemenschneider, and K. R. Helfrich, 2007.
A Transverse Hydraulic Jump in a Model of the Faroe-Bank Channel Overflow. Ocean Modeling 19, 1-9.

» Girton, J. B., L. J. Pratt, D. A. Sutherland, and J. F. Price, 2006.
Is the Faroe Bank Channel Overflow Hydraulically Controlled? Journal of Physical Oceanography, 36, 2340-2349.

» Pratt, L. J., 2008.
Critical Conditions and composite Froude Numbers for Layered flow with Transverse Variations in Velocity. J. Fluid Mech., 605, 281-291.


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