Chapter 2

The Hydraulics of Homogeneous Flow in a Rotating Channel

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» Section 2.1
The semigeostrophic approximation in a rotating channel.

» Section 2.2
Uniform Potential Vorticity: Boundary Layers and Kelvin Waves.

» Section 2.3
Flow Separation and Frontal Waves.

» Section 2.4
Steady flow from a deep basin: the WLK model.

» Section 2.5
Uniform potential vorticity flow from a wide basin: Gill's model.

» Section 2.6
Uniform potential vorticity flow, revisited.

» Section 2.7
Flow Reversals and Recirculations.

» Section 2.8
Non-rectangular cross-sections.

» Section 2.9
Non-uniform potential vorticity.

» Section 2.10
Transport Bounds.

» Section 2.11
Anatomy of an overflow: The Faroese Channels.

» Section 2.12
Outflow Plumes.

» Section 2.13
Closed upstream basins with forcing and dissipation.

» Section 2.14
Comparisons between observed and predicted transports.


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