Chapter 1

Review of the hydraulics of non-rotating, homogeneous flows.

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» Section 1.1
The approximations of hydraulics.

» Section 1.2
The shallow water equations and one-dimensional wave propagation.

» Section 1.3
Nonlinear steepening and rarefacation.

» Section 1.4
The hydraulics of steady, homogeneous flow over an obstacle.

» Section 1.5
Hydraulics in abstract.

» Section 1.6
Hydraulic Jumps, Bores, Rarefaction Waves, and Long's Experiment.

» Section 1.7
Solution to the initial-value problem.

» Section 1.8
Wave reflections and upstream influence in time-dependent flows.

» Section 1.9
Friction and Bottom Drag.

» Section 1.10

» Section 1.11
Nonlinear dispersion.


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