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On-going projects

Compensation Between Poleward Energy Transports in the Ocean and Atmosphere (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon, Clara Deser (NCAR), Jian Lu (PNNL)): DOE CESD RGCM (2015.8-2018.7)

Interannual Variability of Winter-Spring Temperature in the Middle Atlantic Bight: Linkages to Large-Scale Atmospheric and Oceanic Changes (PIs: Ke Chen, Glen Gawarkiewicz, Young-Oh Kwon): NSF OCE PO (2014.8-2017.7)

Decadal Variability in the North Atlantic Extra-Tropics: The Role of Coupling Between Atmospheric Blocking and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (PIs: Caroline Ummenhofer, Hyodae Seo, Young-Oh Kwon, Terry Joyce): NSF AGS CLD & OCE PO (2014.3-2017.2)

A Collaborative Multi-model Study: Understanding AMOC Variability Mechanisms and Their Impacts on Decadal Prediction (PIs: Gokhan Danabasoglue (NCAR), Alicia Karspeck (NCAR), Joe Tribbia (NCAR), Steve Yeager (NCAR), Tom Delworth (GFDL), Rym Msadek (GFDL), Anthony Rosati (GFDL), Young-Oh Kwon, Claude Frankignoul (UPMC/IPSL)): NOAA CPO (2013.9-2016.8)

Coupling Between the Atmospheric Intra-Seasonal Variability and Ocean Circulation in the Northern Hemisphere (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon, Terry Joyce, Hyodae Seo): NASA PO (2013.7-2016.6)

Collaborative Research EaSM2: Mechanisms, Predictability, Prediction, and Regional and Societal Impacts of Decadal Climate Variability (PIs: Gokhan Danabasoglu (NCAR), Jeff Anderson (NCAR), Grant Branstator (NCAR), Keith Lindsay (NCAR), Joe Tribbia (NCAR), Claude Frankignoul (UPMC/IPSL), Young-Oh Kwon, Minghua Zhang (SUNY Stony Brook)): NSF EaSM (2013.3-2018.2)

Collaborative Research: Large-Scale Atmospheric Response to the North Pacific Western Boundary Current Fluctuations and its Potential Predictability (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon, Claude Frankignoul (UPMC/IPSL), Mike Alexander (NOAA/ESRL), and Matt Newman (NOAA/ESRL)): NSF AGS CLD (2011.1-2015.12)

Past projects

Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Mixed Layer Response to Extra-tropical Ocean Heat Transport Variations (PIs: Clara Deser (NCAR) and Young-Oh Kwon): NOAA OGP CLIVAR (2006.6-2009.5).

Coupling An Entraining Ocean Mixed Layer Model to CCSM3 (PIs: Clara Deser (NCAR) and Young-Oh Kwon): DOE-CCPP / NSF-CLD SGER (2006.9-2007.8).

Decadal Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Its Impact on the Climate” (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon and Claude Frankignoul): WHOI OCCI (2007.5-2009.4).

SGER: Quantification of Uncertainty in Argo Observation of Ocean Response to Hurricanes (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon, Jong-Jin Park and James Price): NSF OCE PO (2008.11-2011.4).

Atmospheric Coupling to Gulf Stream and Kuroshio Path Changes (PIs: Terry Joyce and Young-Oh Kwon): NASA PO (2009.3-2013.8).

Collaborative Research: Evolution and Fate of Eighteen Degree Water in the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon, David Fratantoni, Fiammetta Straneo, Jong-Jin Park, Susan Lozier (Duke), and Lynne Talley (SIO)): NSF OCE PO (2010.4-2014.3).

Decadal Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Its Impact on the Climate: Two Regimes and Rapid Transition (PIs: Young-Oh Kwon, Claude Frankignoul (UPMC/IPSL) and Gokhan Danabasoglu (NCAR)): NOAA CPO (2010.8-2013.7).

Can changes in Silver Hake be related to and forecast by changes in the Gulf Stream path? (PIs: Terry Joyce and Young-Oh Kwon): WHOI OCCI (2010.9-2013.8)

Kuroshio Transport: Interannual to Decadal Variability and the Underlying Mechanisms (PIs: Magdalena Andres, Young-Oh Kwon, Jiayan Yang: NSF OCE PO (2010.10-2014.9)

Collaborative Project: Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction From Meso- to Planetary-Scale: Mechanisms, Parameterization, and Variability (PIs: Justin Small (NCAR), Frank Bryan (NCAR), Joe Tribbia (NCAR), John Dennis (NCAR), R. Saravanan (TAMU), Niklas Schneider (UH), Young-Oh Kwon): DOE SciDAC (2011.9-2015.3)


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