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» Cyber_Report_8563.pdf
The WHOI Cyberinfrastructure Committee Report, including reports on Architecture and Infrastructure, Shipboard and Vehicle Data, and Data Portal (47 pp, September 2005).

» Data_Mgt_Update_ITAC_2004.pdf
WHOI Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) Data Management Working Group report from August 2004 (6 pp).

» SDAC_report_1999_scan.pdf
Final report of the WHOI Ad Hoc Scientific Data Advisory Committee, published 12 May 1999 (62 pp scanned from original).

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» DataMongers Email List
An email list for discussions of data management issues.

WHOI's Information Technology Advisory Committee

Marine Metadata Interoperability initiative

QARTOD is a continuing multi-agency effort to address the quality assurance and quality control issues of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) and broader international community.

The purpose of the Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership is to promote and coordinate the sharing, linking, electronic dissemination, and use of data on the Gulf of Maine region.

OPeNDAP: Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol. OPeNDAP is also known as DODS.

Ocean Informatics

Formerly called Data Mongers, the Woods Hole area Ocean Informatics Group is an informal organization of people at the Woods Hole research institutions and agencies interested in data management, interoperability, and informatics for ocean sciences.

The name Ocean Informatics was inspired by Karen Baker's original Ocean Informatics Environment at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  The name is intended to convey our understanding that our work is interdisciplinary, transcending information science and social science domains as well as the scientific domain of oceanography.


Upcoming meetings:
Thursday, 20 March 2008, 2:30, Clark 507
Dr. Peter Fox (HAO/ESSL/NCAR), will present "Semantic Data Frameworks: The Ins and Outs of Current Earth and Space Science Informatics".  More information.

Most recent meeting:
24 August 2007, 3:30, Carriage House.
Ocean Informatics ~ in Theory and in Practice
This meeting featured a seminar by Karen Baker (SIO, UCSD).  Her presentation included a review of Ocean Informatics and included examples of current OI research projects.

e-Mailing List

A distribution mail list is used to announce upcoming meeting and events of interest in the Woods Hole area.  To subscribe to the data mongers email list, simply add your name and emaill address to the listserv http://mailman.whoi.edu/mailman/listinfo/data-mongers


Please see the  QARTOD website for more information on this group of researchers working on data quality assurance practices for real time oceanographic data.


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