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Adam Soule in front of Lonestar Geyser, Yellowstone National Park. Adam participated in a multi-disciplinary project to investigate the geophysical signature of geyser eruptions, using ground-based lidar to constrain surface deformation prior to eruption. (R. Sohn (WHOI))

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Adam Soule on top of Mauna Kea Volcano (Hawaii) during field work, Summer 2009.

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My research focuses on the physical processes of magma generation, storage, eruption, and deposition. I work on both subaerial and submarine volcanic systems to understand how eruptions occur and what controls their dynamics. On land, my research is motivated by the hazards posed by volcanic eruptions to human life and infrastructure. In the oceans, my research is motivated by understanding mass and heat transfer from the mantle to the crust and hydrosphere, the generation of oceanic crust, and the links between magmatism, tectonism, and hydrothermal circulation.

I received my PhD from the University of Oregon in 2003 and came to WHOI as a Postdoctoral Scholar the same year. I joined the scientific staff at WHOI in 2005 and am currently an Associate Scientist.


  • I will be giving a departmental seminar in UTIG at UT Austin on Nov. 18. Stop by.


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