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Allshouse, M. R., F. M. Lee, P. J. Morrison and H. L. Swinney, Internal wave pressure, velocity and energy flux from density perturbations, Phys. Rev. Fluids 1, 014301, 2016.

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Colin, M. E. G. D., T. F. Duda, L. A. te Raa, T. van Zon, P. J. Haley Jr., P. F. J. Lermusiaux, W. G. Leslie, C. Mirabito, F. P. A. Lam, A. E. Newhall, Y.-T. Lin , and J. F. Lynch, Time-evolving acoustic propagation modeling in a complex ocean environment, in Proceedings of Oceans ’13 (Bergen) Conference, IEEE/MTS, 2013. [not refereed]

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Duda, T. F., Modeling and forecasting ocean acoustic conditions, for The Sea, Ideas and
Observations on Progress in the Study of the Seas, The Science of Ocean Prediction.
Editors N. Pinardi, P. Lermusiaux and K. Brink. Sears Foundation for Marine Research
Publications, New Haven, CT., accepted for publication, 2017. [refereed]

Duda, T. F., Theory and observation of anisotropic and episodic internal wave effects on 100-400 Hz sound, in Proceedings of the International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies and Results, Kos, Greece, pp. 999-1006, 2011. [not refereed]

Duda, T. F., Plenary presentation: Identifying and meeting new challenges in shallow-water acoustics, in Proceedings of Acoustics 2013 (AAS2013), Science, Technology and Amenity, Australian Acoustical Society, 2013. [not refereed]

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Duda, T. F., Y.-T. Lin, A, E, Newhall, K. R. Helfrich, W. G. Zhang, M. Badiey, P. F. J. Lermusiaux, J. A, Colosi and J. F. Lynch, The “Integrated Ocean Dynamics and Acoustics” (IODA) hybrid modeling effort, in Proceedings of the 2nd International Underwater Acoustics Conference, Rhodes, Greece, 2014. [not refereed]

Duda, T. F., W. G. Zhang, and Y.-T.-Lin, Studies of internal tide generation at a slope with nonlinear and linearized simulations: Dynamics and implications for ocean acoustics, in Proceedings of Oceans ’12 (Hampton Roads) conference, MTS/IEEE, 2012. [not refereed]

Duda, T. F., W. G. Zhang, K. R. Helfrich, A. E. Newhall, Y.-T. Lin, and J. F. Lynch, Issues and progress in the prediction of ocean submesoscale features and internal waves, in Proceedings of Oceans ‘14 (St. John’s) conference, IEEE/MTS, 2014. (9 pp.) [not refereed]

Emerson, C., J. F. Lynch, P. Abbot, Y.-T. Lin, T. F. Duda, G. G. Gawarkiewicz, and C.-F. Chen, Acoustic propagation uncertainty and probabilistic prediction of sonar system performance in the southern East China Sea continental shelf and shelfbreak environments, IEEE J. Oceanic Eng., 40, 1003-1017,, 2015 [refereed]

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algorithm based optimal sampling for ocean data assimilation, Ocean Dynamics, 66, 1209-
1229, 10.1007/s10236-016-0976-5, 2016. [refereed]

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Kelly, S. M., P. F. J. Lermusiaux, T. F. Duda and P. J. Haley, A Coupled-mode Shallow
Water model for tidal analysis: Internal-tide reflection and refraction by the Gulf Stream, J.
Phys. Oceanogr., 46, 3661-3679,, 2016. [refereed]

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Lin, Y.-T, K. G. McMahon, J. F. Lynch, and W. L. Siegmann, Horizontal ducting of sound by curved nonlinear internal gravity waves in the continental shelf areas, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 133, 37-49,, 2013. [refereed]

Lynch, J. F., T. F. Duda and J. A. Colosi, Acoustical horizontal array coherence lengths and the “Carey Number”, Acoustics Today, 10, 10-19,, 2014. [not refereed]

Lynch, J. F., T. F. Duda, W. L. Siegmann, J. Holmes and A. E. Newhall, The Carey Number in shallow water acoustics, in Proceedings of the 1st International Underwater Acoustics Conference, Corfu, Greece, 2013. [not refereed]

Lynch, J. F., Y.-T. Lin, T. F. Duda and A. E. Newhall , Characteristics of acoustic propagation and scattering in marine canyons, in Proceedings of the 1st International Underwater Acoustics Conference, Corfu, Greece, 2013. [not refereed]

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Nash, J. D., S. M. Kelly, E. L. Shroyer, J. N. Moum, and T. F. Duda, The unpredictable nature of internal tides and nonlinear waves on the continental shelf, J. Phys. Oceangr., 42, 1981-2000,, 2012. [refereed]

Nash, J. D., E. L. Shroyer, S. M. Kelly, M. E. Inall, T. F. Duda, M. D. Levine, N. L. Jones, and R. C. Musgrave, Are any coastal internal tides predictable? Oceanography, 25, 80-95,, 2012. [refereed]

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Phadnis, A., Uncertainty Quantification and Prediction for Non-autonomous Linear and Nonlinear Systems. SM Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, July 2013. [not refereed]

Raghukumar, K., and J. A. Colosi, High frequency normal mode statistics in a shallow water waveguide: The effect of random linear internal waves, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 136 , 66-79,, 2014. [refereed]

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Raghukumar, K., and J. A. Colosi, High frequency normal mode statistics in shallow water: The combined effect of random surface and internal waves, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 137, 2950-2961,, 2014. [refereed]

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Zhang, W. G., T. F. Duda, and I. A. Udovydchenkov, Modeling and analysis of internal-tide generation and beam-like onshore propagation in the vicinity of shelfbreak canyons, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 44, 834-849, 2014. [refereed]




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