IODA Project Personnel

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Profs. P.F.J. Lermusiaux, D.K.P. Yue and N.C. Makris. Regional modeling, surface wave modeling, acoustic modeling.

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Principal Investigators

Tim Duda (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Jim Lynch (WHOI)
Ying-Tsong Lin (WHOI)
Karl Helfrich (WHOI)
Weifeng Gordon Zhang (WHOI)
Harry Swinney (University of Texas at Austin)
John Wilkin (Rutgers University)
Pierre Lermusiaux (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Nick Makris (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Dick Yue (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Mohsen Badiey (University of Delaware)
Bill Siegmann (Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Jon Collis (Colorado School of Mines)
John Colosi (Naval Postgraduate School)
Steven Jachec (Florida Institute of Technology)

Additional key investigators

Matt Paoletti (U. Texas)
Julia Levin (Rutgers)
Yuming Liu (MIT)
Arthur Newhall (WHOI)
Likun Zhang (U. Texas)

Michael Allshouse (U. Texas)
Kaustubha Raghukumar (NPS)


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