Phytoplankton variable fluorescence

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Screen capture from the v6 software

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Numerical Analysis of Variable Fluorescence

I developed custom software to analyze variable fluorescence kinetics, such as those collected with Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometers or other similar instruments.  This software series is called “v” and is written in Matlab.  This software is no longer supported.

The final version (v6 and a companion compiled Windows executable, v6win) are posted to the right on this page. This software may be freely downloaded and used for noncommercial applications, with the caveat that no support is provided.

The is most recent beta version (v6) contains the correction approaches outlined in:
S. R. Laney and R. M. Letelier, Artifacts in measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence transients, with specific application to fast repetition rate fluorometry, Limnol. Oceanogr.: Meth. 6, 40-50, 2008

Updated information to Laney & Letelier 2008:

Neutral Density Filters: The 2" neutral density filter kit mentioned in this manuscript is no longer available from the vendor. A comparable kit of ten 2" absorptive filters can be ordered from Thorlabs (NEK01S).

Alternatively, individual filters can be bought instead to cover the range of transmittances shown in Figure 5 of Laney & Letelier 2008. In that study, up to nine filters were used to collect the data shown in Fig. 5.


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