Imaging and standard flow cytometry of polar phytoplankton

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Considerable research in the Laney Lab focuses on phytoplankton phenology and ecology in polar ocean ecosystems. By applying cytometric approaches in these ecosystems, much can be learned about the seasonality, spatial distributions, and resource ecology of polar phytoplankton and ice algae.

This research theme originated with a NASA-sponsored project to study assemblage composition and distributions in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas as part of the 2010-11 ICESCAPE program. This initial project supported the development of instruments and approaches that continue to be used in the Laney Lab in other Arctic and Antarctic ocean field programs.

Findings from the 2010-11 ICESCAPE study were published in 2014:

Phytoplankton assemblage structure in and around a massive under-ice bloom in the Chukchi Sea. Laney, S. R., and H. M. Sosik. 2014. Deep-Sea Res. II 105, 30-41.

Data links

NASA ICESCAPE: 2010 & 2011, Chukchi Sea, USCGC Healy (HLY1001 & HLY1101)

Data portal:


CLIVAR: 2011, Southern Ocean, RVIB Palmer

Data portal: <in preparation>


USCGC Healy 2013, Chuckchi Sea (HLY1301)

Data portal:<in preparation>


USCGC Healy 2013, Chuckchi Sea (HLY1304)

Data portal:<in preparation>


USCGC Healy 2014, Chuckchi Sea (HLY1401)

Data portal:<in preparation>


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