For HOV Alvin

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Name:  Cruise Title: 
Email Address:  Chief Scientist: 

Are you supplying equipment to be used on HOV Alvin?
 Yes  No 

Has this equipment been used on Alvin before?
 Yes  No 

Please give a brief description of the equipment, its intended purpose, the cruise # it was last used on if any and its deployment method.

Does this equipment use an external pressure housing?
 Yes  No 

Has the pressure housing been tested per Alvin Pressure Test requirements?
 Yes  No (» More information)

Please attach a pressure housing schematic with dimensions and include air and water weights.

Does the equipment have an associated computer or control panel for remote operation from the personnel sphere?
 Yes  No 

Has the computer or control panel been gas tested for use in the personnel sphere?
 Yes  No (» More information)

Air weight of this equipment?   lbs

Does the equipment require data or a power interface from the vehicle?
 Yes  No 

Does the equipment meet the electrical requirements of the Alvin User Manual?
 Yes   No  (» More informationl)

Please attach a copy of the wiring diagram required for this equipment.

Does this equipment require hydraulic inputs from the vehicle?
 Yes  No 

How many?  Single  Bi-directional 
Pressure requirements? PSI
Flow requirements? GPM

Please attach a hydraulic schematic of the equipment requirements.

Does this equipment require manipulation?
 Yes  No 

If yes, please describe how the equipment is to be manipulated.

Will this equipment be deployed off the vehicle?
 Yes  No 

If yes, please describe how the equipment is intended for deployment.

If yes, will the equipment be disconnected from the vehicle and left in situ?
 Yes  No 

How long will the deployment be?  

Will the equipment be recovered by the same vehicle?
 Yes  No

Do you intend to recover any other previously deployed equipment?
 Yes  No

If yes, please describe this equipment.

Does this equipment use any glass spheres for either buoyancy or as pressure housings?
 Yes  No  (» More information)


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