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Hangzhou Wang, a guest student in the Laney lab, is earning his doctorate in Mechatronics from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Zhejiang University, a top-level technical university in China. Hangzhou's research in the Laney lab is on developing instrumentation to monitor profiles of irradiance and thermal conductivity in sea ice.

Graduate study in the Laney laboratory

Students in my lab would be expected to pursue graduate research in some aspect of marine phytoplanton ecology or oceanographic-oriented engineering that is closely aligned with the research topics found on my lab web site.

If you are interesed in pursuing a PhD in my lab, please review the requirements of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program and in particular the guidelines for undergraduate preparation. If you feel that your coursework to date is suitable, next send me an email of interest including:

1) a copy of your current CV

2) your undergraduate transcript (unofficial) and graduate transcript is applicable

3) your general GRE scores if you have taken them already (as percentiles), and any GRE subject scores, and

4) a short description of your research interests and why you want to study in my lab.

NOTE: Applicants to the Joint Program are also strongly encouraged to apply for national graduate scholarships from NSF, NASA, NOAA, and other agencies. More information on those scholarships can be found on the MIT/WHOI Joint Program website, linked above.

NOTE ALSO: There is a lot of useful advice out there about what to expect in graduate school, and how best to apply. I'd recommend every student thinking about applying to grad school first read these two books:

Getting What You Came For, by Robert L. Peters

The Smart Way to your PhD by Dora Farkas

Both have good chapters on choosing a PhD program, and on how to write a compelling application.

Postdoctoral opportunities

There are potential opportunities for recent PhDs with suitable research interests and backgrounds to join my lab. Applicants are particularly encouraged to apply to WHOI's Postdoctoral Scholarship programs to secure postdoctoral support. WHOI also honors a number of foreign postdoctoral fellowships for students outside of the US interested in working at WHOI.

Interested postdoctoral applicants should send an email outlining their interest in my lab, along with a CV, copies of published papers, and a brief statement of individual research interests.

Opportunities for guest students: graduates & undergraduates

There are two ways you can join the Laney lab for an internship while formally enrolled as an undergrad at your own college or university:

1) If you are an undergraduate, apply for the WHOI Summer Student Fellowship. The SSF program is a highly competitive and well regarded summer research program for talented undergraduates. It lasts 10 weeks and comes with a good stipend and considerable opportunities for students looking to expand their backgrounds in marine science. If you are interested in applying for an SSF to work in my lab for a summer, contact me with your interests and a CV and I will let you know if a suitable match might be made for a summer project.

2) If you are a graduate student (MS or PhD), apply to join my lab as a Guest Student. Guest students can visit any time of the year for any duration that is acceptable both for me and for the student's own home institution. This is typically a volunteer position and no stipend is associated with a standard guest student employment. Students with internship support provided by their home institution can use such support at WHOI to conduct a guest student visit. Graduate guest students in the lab will be expected to follow as much as possible the student guidelines for the WHOI/MIT Joint Program in terms of expected effort and aviisor-student relationships.


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