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2014 Discussions

All presentations will be Fridays, 12-1 in Redfield 2-04 unless noted.






Emma Heart (MBL). “Mechanisms of metabolic regulation of insulin  secretion:  function and dysfunction.”



Eduardo Rosa-Molinar (MBL and U. of Puerto Rico) “Imaging and   Identifying Elements of a Fish Spinal Neural Circuit Controlling an Innate  Behavior"



Joanna Wilson (McMaster University) "Multiple stressors in fish toxicology"



Chris Reddy (WHOI) "Refining current views on the fate of oil in the ocean: Lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon"



John Farrington (WHOI)  "The Need for Updated Human Health Risk Assessment for Oil Spill Contaminated Bivalve Seafood: Lessons from the BP-DWH Oil Spill"



Jed Goldstone (WHOI) "Screening therapies to counteract chlorpyrifos intoxication"



Nikki Traylor-Knowles (Stanford University)  "Some (do not) Like It Hot: The Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor In Heat Stressed Corals"



Judy Luborsky (Rush Medical and WHOI)  "Ovarian Ovarian cancer in humans and chickens; utility of a non-mammalian model"
(Followed by BBQ)



Emmy Gordon (Rutgers University and MBL) "Toxicology of the eye: Changes in provisional matrix after ocular mustard injury"

2013 Presentations






Kat Crawford (BU) "The public health perspective on remediation of PCB contamination in Boston Harbor"



Ann Tarrant (WHOI) "Nuclear receptors in early-diverging animal lineages"



(no meeting)



Thanos Tzounopolous (Univ. Pittsburg) "Zinc and synaptic signaling: What is the role of zinc in the nervous system?"



Laura Vandenberg and Alex Suvorov (UMass Amherst) "BPA as a model endocrine disruptor: lessons learned in the past 6 years" and TBA



David Griffith (WHOI) "Are fish and whales the main source of steroidal estrogens to a sewage-impacted coastal ocean - Massachusetts Bay?"



Josh Grey (US Coast Guard Academy and MBL) "Reductive stress and coping mechanisms in the pancreatic beta cell: roles of NQO1 and plasma membrane electron transport (PMET)"



Jeff Laskin (Rutgers) "Approaches to treating exposures to highly toxic chemicals"



Emmy Gordon (Rutgers) "Alterations in extracellular matrix and matrix metalloproteinases after vesicant injury of the cornea"



Conor O'Meara (Kalamazoo College&WHOI) "Studies of pregnane X receptor agonists and target genes in zebrafish"
Elaine Kuo (Stanford&WHOI) "Zebrafish DNA methyltransferases and their developmental regulation and induction by TCDD"



Ben Lemaire? (WHOI) "Towards the deorphanization of cytochrome P450 20A1 (CYP20A1)"

2011 Round table talks

All presentations were Fridays, 12-1 in Redfield 2-04 unless noted.

 Date    Presenter/topic
6/30   Richard DiGuilio, Duke University
"Mechanisms of PAH Developmental Toxicity and Evolved Resistance: The Elizabeth River Killifish Story"
NOTE: This is the WHOI Biology Seminar Series at 12 noon (sharp) in Redfield Auditorium

7/15    Joshua Grey, USCG Academy
"Quinone-stimulated insulin secretion – hydrogen peroxide as a second messenger"
7/22    Martin Ronis, University of Arkansas for Medical Science
"Wnt b Catenin Signalling is a Common Skeletal Target for both Alcohol and Diet"


  John Farrington
"Oil Pollution in the Marine Environment – An Overview and Lessons Learned from a Research Cruise to the1979 Ixtoc-I Oil Well Blowout, Bay of Campeche,Mexican Waters of the Gulf of Mexico."
NOTE: This is the WHOI Biology Seminar Series at 12 noon (sharp) in Redfield Auditorium
  Emma Heart
"The role of NQO1 in beta cell plasma membrane electron transport and insulin secretion" and discussion on alkylphenols in endocrine disruption
  Phil Gschwend, MIT
"Organic Contaminants in Sediments: (PAHs,Petroleum Hydrocarbons, PCBs, DDTs...): Getting the 'Bioavailable Dose' right!"


 Date    Presenter/topic
10 July
  Kimberly Jackson (Spelman College)
"Licorice Constituent and Androgen Receptor Modulation in Prostate Cancer Therapy"
17 July   Shanta Messerli (Resident Scientist in the MBL Cellular Dynamics Program)
Patrizia Pellegatti (Visiting Researcher from Italy in the Cellular Dynamics Program)
"Sensors of extracellular ATP and applications in cancer detection" (Candle House 1st Floor)
24 July
  Joan Ruderman (Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School)
"Zebrafish embryos:  versatile sensors for hormonally active pollutants"
31 July
  Diane Heck (NYMC)
"Catalase function"
  7 Aug
No seminar - MBL Corporation meeting
14 Aug
    John Stegeman, Sibel Karchner (WHOI), and Jeff Laskin (Rutgers)
"Aldo-keto reductase (AKR) evolution and function"
21 Aug
   Kim Boekelheide (Brown)
"Endocrine Disruptors and Male Reproductive Health"
To be held at 11AM in REDFIELD, followed by a cookout.


 Date    Presenter/topic
8 July   Tom Hutchinson (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
Pharmaceuticals and the environment: the human - wildlife connection
15 July
  David Albertini (Kansas University Medical Center)
22 July
  Mike Gallo (Rutgers)
29 July
  cancelled - Harlyn Halvorsen memorial service
5 Aug
  Jed Goldstone (WHOI)
Evolution of cytochromes P450 in metazoa
12 Aug


 Date    Presenter/topic
7 Aug
14 Aug
21 Aug
   Hans Lauffer
28 Aug
   John Stegeman


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