Analytical Prices for Rock Samples

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The hard rock team is pleased to provide helium and neon isotope measurements in rocks and minerals (see separate tab for water prices). Analytical charges are made on a per sample basis and reflect the cost of doing the measurements. Commercial analyses are also offered, but at a higher rate. Please contact us at or regarding scheduling, possible sample types and mineralogy, mineral separations, and required sample sizes. 

Helium measurement prices are quoted for calendar year 2013 and for planning purposes, prospective clients should anticipate a 3% per year increase.  Please contact us if you are interested helium, neon and argon.

Notes: An additional 5 to 15% surcharge may be applied for non-WHOI, non-NSF funded research projects. (Sorry, it's related to our overhead cost recovery structure, please contact us for details We define "Non-Commercial" as being government-funded, academic, or non-profit entity research. Sample acquisition, containers, and shipping costs are borne by the client.

Price Schedule for 2016

Analysis Type  Non-Commercial     Commercial 
 Magmatic 3He/4He and He Abundance
Crushing or melting only
 $360  $510

 Paired crushing and melting on sample
3He/4He and He Abundance for both
(required for cosmogenic dates)
 $720  $1020


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