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Related Files

» ACCESS Database File
A compressed archive of the Microsoft ACCESS database file (5.1 MB compressed, 36 MB uncompressed)

» Excel Spreadsheet File
A compressed archive of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files (4 in all): 16.5 MB compressed

» Text (CSV) File
Compressed archive of comma separated text files (4 in all): 1.7 MB

MATLAB Binary file with main data table, and the references and email tables in CSV format. 3.3 MB

About this data

This data set contains a compilation of oceanic tritium and helium isotope measurements along with relevant metadata obtained from a range of data repositories, publications, and contributions from our collaborators. These measurements have been made by a large number of individuals from a wide range of institutions thoughout the world. We provide this data in the hopes of it being useful to all.

If you have issues, corrections, or questions about specific data records, we ask you to email with the data set version number (currently 2017.11, but please check with the file) and one of the following: 

  1. If a specific (or a few) data point(s), provide us with the unique record_id number(s) and your question/correction/concerns.
  2. If one or a few stations, provide us with the expocode, section_id, and station number(s).
  3. If an entire section, cruise, or larger data set, provide us with the expocode plus any defining information to help us identify the samples.

The data set consists of three tables: the main data table, a table of references, and an email list. You can obtain all of these in a single database file, or download the compressed ("zip") files in either spreadsheet or text format. Given spreadsheet size limitations, the main data table is split into two parts, so you will need to have all four files in either XLSX or CSV format.

The MATLAB zip file contains the main table only in native binary format, so we have included the references and email list in CSV format.

More formats will be added as time goes by.


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