New Institutions are needed to address the climate monitoring challenge

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We propose that a new private institution be established to specifically address the intergenerational problem of monitoring the climate system.  The idea is outlined in our paper in the December 2007 issue of Oceanography Magazine. ("Long-term Observations: Endowments and New Institutions"  D. J. Baker, R. W. Schmitt, C. Wunsch,  Oceanography, Vol. 20, No. 4, p 10-14, 2008.)  We envision an independent endowed funding organization whose mission is to assure the continuity of key time series observations of the climate system.  It could play for climate science the role that the Howard Hughes Medical Institute does for medical research.  It will take people with a truly long term vision to fund and establish such an institute, but the cost of about $1 billion is modest considering the size of the global economy and the central importance of Earth's climate to the future of humanity.


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