Readings Part III (Metalloenzymes and Bioinformatics)

Metalloenzymes and Bioinformatics

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» Bioinformatics ch1
Background reading

» Bioinorg Ch3
Ch 3 Princ. Bioinorg. Chem. - Background reading

» Bioinformatics ch2
Background reading

» Raven 1999
Raven: Metals in Photosynthesis (Primary reading)

» WaldronRobinson
How do proteins get the correct metal? Primary Reading

» WaldronRobinson#2
Metal Sensing - Primary Reading

» GlobalOceanSamplingGenome
PLOS Yooseph paper

» Delong HOT 2006
Delong metagenomics

» Adams Metalloproteins
Uncharacterized metalloproteins

» MorrisRocap_Metaproteome
South Atlantic Membrane Proteins

» Crocosphaera Hotbunking
Crocosphaera Hotbunking metalloprotein inventory

» Femtamolar Intracellular Zinc - background/interest
Femtamolar Intracellular Zinc

» Lyme and iron - for background/interest
Background/interest - Metalloproteomics on the lyme pathogen bacterium

» Mackey_2015_Fe_Syn_Atlantic
Background reading

» Xu and Morel CdCA Structure 2008 Nature
Background reading

» Yong Berks et al., 2014 Alkaline Phosphatase
Background reading

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