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» Addendum

» Bill Cooper, Juliana D?Andrilli, David Podgorski, Thorsten Dittmar, Markus Huettel, Joel Kostka, Lindsay Chipman, and Michael Gonsior: Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Dissolved Organic Matter in Estuaries.

» Carlos Del Castillo and Richard Miller: On the Use of Ocean Color Remote Sensing to Measure the Transport of Dissolved Organic Carbon by the Mississippi River Plume

» W.D. Gardner, M.J. Richardson, C.A. Burden, and V.L. Asper, 2008. Sediment Transport in and Near the Mississippi Canyon.

» Iuri Herzfeld, Francis J. Sansone and Celia M. Smith: Effects of Physical Forces on Diurnal C, N, P, and Fe Dynamics and Submarine Groundwater Discharge within a Permeable Coastal Margin

» Willard S. Moore: The Balance of 228Ra in the Upper Atlantic Ocean: Implications for Continental Input of DIC and DOC

» M.C. Murrell, et al.: Linkage between Production and Respiration on the Louisiana Continental Shelf

» Philip Orton, Wade McGillis, John R. Moisan, John Higinbotham, and Carl Schirtzinger: Autonomous Cross-Shelf Transects of Air-Sea CO2 Flux with OASIS ASVs

» Christopher L. Osburn: Optical and Geochemical Tracers of Terrestrial DOM in the Coastal Ocean

» Tsung-Hung Peng and Rik Wanninkhof: Surface Water Measurements during the GOMECC Cruise in the Gulf of Mexico

» Y.B. Son, W.D. Gardner, A.V. Mishonov, and M.J. Richardson, 2008. Multispectral Remote Sensing Algorithms for Particulate Organic Carbon (POC): The Gulf of Mexico

» Lucian Wielopolski: Carbon Analysis in Estuarine Ecosystems: A New In Situ Non-destructive Approach

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