Agenda and Presentations from the Workshop

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» Final Agenda (PDF file)

» Breakout Session Questions

» Mead Allison, University of Texas Austin, Modeling Sediment Transport and Deposition on GOM Shelf

» Beth Boyer, UC Berkeley, Modeling Watershed Nutrient Fluxes

» Ruoying He, NCSU: Physical Oceanography and Circulation of the Gulf of Mexico

» Steven E. Lohrenz, University of Southern Mississippi: Gulf of Mexico Carbon Cycling

» Alexis Lugo-Fernandez: Carbon in the Gulf of Mexico: MMS Perspective

» Ray Najjar, The Pennsylvania State University, Eastern U.S. Continental Shelf Carbon Budget: Modeling Data Assimilation, and Analysis

» Hobie Perry, USDA Forest Service: National Inventories of Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Stocks-Documenting Impacts of Resource Management on Watershed Carbon Dynamics

» Rik Wanninkhof, NOAA/AOML: CO2 Flux Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico

» Tom Bianchi, Texas A&M University, Anthropogenic and Natural Effects on the Biogeochemistry of Organic Carbon Cycling in a River-Dominated Margin: The Mississippi River System

The agenda is posted on the right. The talks will be posted as PDF files as they come in.


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