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Ann Tarrant
sampling killifish in Scorton Creek

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Maja Edenius observing exposed intertidal fauna at the Liquid Jungle lab in Panama. (photo: Jesus Pineda)

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Ali Thabet helping to pump seawater from the surface of the Gulf of Maine during a COLD (!!) cruise in January 2014. (photo: Peter Wiebe)

Current Lab Members

Ann Tarrant, Ph.D.

Associate Scientist
See also Ann's  personal page and WHOI profile

Ali Thabet, MS

Guest Ph.D. Student from Al-Azhar University in Assuit, Egypt (2014-present)
Ali is interested in conducting transcriptomic analyses to study the effects of ocean acidification on marine invertebrates. He is primarily conducting studies of pteropod molluscs, but it also investigating the effects of multiple stressors on the sea anemone Nematostella.

Amanda Chan

Amanda is a Summer Student Fellow who is visiting our lab from Swarthmore College. This summer she is investigating daily and circadian variation in Nematostella physiology. She is particularly interested in stress responses in animals.

Former Lab members


Amy Maas, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar/Investigator (2011-2014)
Currently: Assistant Research Scientist
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Adam Reitzel, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar/Fellow (2007-2012)
Currently (June 2015): Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Neal Cantin, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Investigator (2008-2011)
Currently (June 2015) Research Scientist
Australian Institute of Marine Science

Graduate Students, MIT-WHOI Joint Program:

Amalia Aruda Almada
Ph.D. thesis successfully defended December 2014: Interactions Between Calanoid Copepod Hosts and Their Associated Microbiota. Amalia has been awarded a Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship and will be spending the next year as a Coastal Policy analyst in the National Ocean Service headquarters at NOAA.

Summer Student Fellows:

Ian Jones, SSF from University of Maine (2014)

Amy Streets, SSF from University of Maryland (2012)

Alexis Fisher, SSF from Wesley College (2010)
Currently (Dec 2014) PhD Candidate MIT-WHOI Joint Program

Abigail LaBella, SSF from American University (2009)
Currently (2013) Graduate Student, Duke University

Guest Students:

Caitlin Church, from University of San Diego (2012)

Javar Henry, from Savannah State University (2012)

Imke Podbielski, from University of Kiel, Germany (2012)

Chun Kit "Jacky" Kwok, from Chinese University of Hong Kong (2011)

Lars Berhendt, from University of Hamburg, Germany (2009)
Subsequently, Ph.D., University of Copenhagen
Currently (2014) Posdoc, University of Copenhagen

Allison Tracy, from Princeton University (2008)
Currently (2014) Graduate Student, Cornell University


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