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If there is an activity that does not have a contact person and you are interested in getting involved, contact Kevin Thompson at or x3387 and he will add you to the list.

Activity Contact Extension
Private lessons, or open shooting ($5.00) on Thursdays, 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Monument Beach Sportsman’s Club
Equipment available if needed.
Don Crowley
Tim Kling
(978) 866-9660
(970) 759-8186
Summer pick-up basketball. Tuesday's and Thurday's at noon (weather permitting) at the outdoor court in back of Clark Lab.
Al Plueddeman
Rick Galat
Dan Torres
Bird Watching    
Board and Tabletop Games Korey Verhein  4856
Canoeing Geoff Ekblaw 2716
We are a completely non-organized community that use the climbers list serve to coordinate climbing trips to the rock gym, boulders, crags, cliffs, and icefalls.
Listserve signup page:
Cycling Rick Chandler 2272
Dog Walking
» Friends of Falmouth Dogs
Ann Devenish

Amy Kukulya 3689
Fitness Trail
» Fitness Trail Map
Rick Galat 2636
Football (outdoor)
Belltower Field in Woods Hole.
Justin Ossolinski 4995
Gardening Areas Troy E. Kelley 2415

Mike Bishop
Colin Reed

Hiking Stephanie M. Madsen  2205
Thursday nights at Gallo.  It is a non-checking, full equipment, pick up game open to all levels and genders.
Josh Curtice 2618
Martial Arts
Phil teaches the Martial art Aikido, Thursday nights at 7:00 PM at the Falmouth Recreation Center
Philip Alataldo 2980
Picnic Equipment
Volleyball, croquet and badminton sets are available for use by the WHOI Community.
Hovey Clifford 2341
Pilates (Stott)
Familiarity of Stott Pilates is recommended. Class is currently full,please contact Lonnie Lippsett, ( to be placed on the wait list. Chris Reddy instructs.
Lonny Lippsett 3327
Rugby (touch)
Beginners are always welcome.  All you need are cleats or running shoes.  Contact Sheri for information or to be put on the email list. More detailed information and the current schedule can be found at
Sheri White 3740
Stace, Ann and Pete are in the Falmouth Track Club and know about local running routes and races, including road and trail running.
Stace Beaulieu
Ann Tarrant
Pete Landry
Shaolin Kung Fu
Weekly practices on Quissett campus and the village. I teach fundamental kung fu stances, forms, techniques, and practical applications. Great for building strength, endurance, and flexibility. Practitioners of all levels including no prior experience are welcome. Please contact me to arrange a practice time.
Donglai Gong 3972
» Upper Cape Ski Club
» Cape Cod Ski Club
Small Boat Outhauls Kevin Thompson 3387
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:30 PM McKee Ball Field. There is also afternoon soccer on Tuesday's and Thursday's during the Spring and Summer, locations are TBD.
Mike Bishop
Erich Horgan
Softball Justin Ossolinski
Dave Wellwood
Rick Galat
Walter Albaugh
Solstice Singers
We would welcome new members who would like to gather weekly to sing.
» View Website
Margaret Sulanowska 2211
Support for Health & Fitness Room
Looking for space to set up a small indoor gym for the Institution.
Ron Timm 2392
Tai Chi Quan (Yang Style Long Form)
I teach this classic style of Tai Chi Quan. It focuses on an integrated body and mind exercise that help you to strengthen muscle and tendon, build balance, enhance the blood flow, and relief stress. It is great to practice on its own as well as in combination with other martial arts. Please contact me to arrange a practice time. A video showing me performing the Tai Chi form:
Donglai Gong 3972
Therapeutic Qi-Gong
Qi-gong is an ancient form of Chinese exercise designed to promote health, relaxation, balance, and movement.  Alex teaches a therapeutic style  which moves slowly and rhythmically, emphasizing breathing and balance. Wear comfortable clothes. 12:15 on Tuesdays, 5th floor Clark.  In good weather, we may practice outside.
Alex Lancaster  
Ultimate Frisbee  Adam Subhas  2399
Volleyball Ryan Hawsey  803-477-4604
Yoga Jonathan Murray 2877

Tuesdays from 5:15-6:15 PM in Clark 5

Deb Snurkowski 2412


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