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Flash EA1112 CHN analyzer

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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Nutrient Analytical Facility utilizes several state of the art methods and instruments for quantifying bio-element concentrations in environmental samples. The facility operates a SEAL AA3  four-channel segmented flow analyzer to determine dissolved nutrient concentrations in aquatic ecosystems ranging from groundwater to the open ocean. It offers a high sample throughput coupled with simple and rapid method changeover to maximize productivity in determining nutrients including: ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate, silicate, and total dissolved nitrogen. The methods used for analysis are USEPA approved. For solid phase carbon and nitrogen determination, the facility houses a Flash EA1112 Carbon/Nitrogen Analyzer using a Dynamic Flash Combustion technique. The instrument is very dependable and has been proven to have a high degree of reproducibility. 

This current nutrient analyzer has Ultra Low Detection Limits listed below. 

Analyte Detection Limit Method Determined
Ammonium 0.034 μMol/L G-171-96 EPA pt.136, app B
Nitrate+Nitrite 0.010  μMol/L G-172-96 EPA pt.136, app B
Silicate 0.016 μMol/L G-177-96 EPA pt. 136, app B
Phosphate 0.025 μMol/L G-297-03 EPA pt. 136, app B


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