Carl G. Johnson

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Facility Manager and Principal Spectrometrist

Mr. Carl Johnson has been the principal Facility spectrometrist and manager since 1984, during which time he has had primary responsibility for the current Finnigan DeltaPlus IRMS, three organic MS’s (Finnigan 3200, 4500 and VG Autospec-Q), two NMR spectrometers (Bruker AC-300 and Avance 400), and was responsible the successful setup, testing, operation and return to shore of a Finnigan LCQ-MS (ion-trap) onboard Oceanus cruise 367 in 2001. He schedules all facility work, oversees Facility finances, and serves as a general analytical chemistry and instrument resource for the Fye laboratory (which houses the Facility). He has coordinated the selection, site preparation and installation of many of these instruments, performed essentially all of the maintenance and suggested/implemented numerous improvements and upgrades.

While the Facility is primarily a service provider of a suite standard analyses, he has had the occasional opportunity to undertake original development projects of his own where his abilities to learn, apply and develop new techniques have involved him with endeavors as diverse as supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)-MS, the redesign and fabrication of several GC/MS inlet/systems, demonstrating the use of high resolution MS for alkenone unsaturation ratio measurements, working out the LC-LSIMS analysis of trapped free radical ions, optimization of NMR conditions. He also assisted Ms Leah Houghton in her development of reduced sample size d15N analysis of pigments.


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