Our dedicated helium isotope mass spectrometer system for rock analyses (MS2). The instrumentation console is visible on the left half of the picture, while the computer control system is out of view to the left. The small, light grey box mounted on a slender steel tube in the middle of the photograph is the control electronics for a QMS that is used to preview samples prior to inlet to the branch-tube mass spectrometer (the black analyzer magnet is just visible in the upper right hand side of the photograph). The grey cylinders in the middle are the pneumatically actuated UHV valves. The large cyclinder to the right is the resistively heated furnace for melting rocks, with a sample delivery carousel immediately above it. Slightly to the left of this but lower and out of sight in this picture is a triple rock crushing apparatus, where 3 separate samples can be mounted and crushed in sequence. Not visible (to the right of the photo) is a laser ablation system for sample analysis.



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